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Remembering Well

 As an experienced funeral celebrant, I understand the delicate nature of commemorating a life well-lived. In these moments of reflection and remembrance, the role of a funeral celebrant is crucial. I offer a supportive presence, guiding family and friends through the process with empathy and expertise. Commencing with an initial conversation, we can discuss your loved one's journey and your wishes for the funeral gathering. This allows me to tailor a ceremony that beautifully captures their essence and celebrates the impact they had on those around them. With attention to detail and a commitment to providing solace during this difficult time, I am dedicated to creating a meaningful and dignified farewell that truly honors the memory of your dear departed.


Usually on the passing of a loved one your first connection will be with a funeral director.  Here in Marlborough this will usually be Geoffrey T. Sowman Funeral Directors or Cloudy Bay Funeral Services.  Both provide exceptional support and services and will inform you of initial arrangements and options.  If you elect to use the services of a funeral celebrant funeral director will be able to advise of potential celebrants available or you can request a celebrant.  Either Geoffrey T. Sowman Funeral Directors or Cloudy Bay Funeral Services are able to contact me directly with your request.  Alternatively, you're welcome to get in touch with me directly, and I will coordinate with the funeral director to ensure a seamless and personalized service for your loved one.

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